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Camel Acrylic Mediums For Painting Stage

Camel Acrylic Mediums For Painting Stage

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Painting stage mediums that modify the body and behaviour of acrylic colours to get the desired 

Gloss Medium

  1. The ideal glazing medium for acrylic colours to add a glossy finish while painting.

  2. Resin-based liquid medium for acrylic painting.

  3. Milky white liquid that turns transparent on drying.

  4. Adds brilliance and shine to colours.

  5. Ensures an oil colour like finish in acrylic paintings.

  6. Vibrant shades that give a beautiful finish and great life to acrylic paintings.

Matt Medium

  1. Light gel medium used in acrylic painting.

  2. Light, whitish gel which turns absolutely transparent on drying.

  3. Gives a matte effect while maintaining vibrancy of the colours.

  4. Does not alter tone and shade of the colour.

  5. An acrylic painting medium that gives a non-glossy finish to the colour film while painting.

Gel Medium

  1. An acrylic painting medium to ensure uniform drying of colours when used in thick applications like impasto.

  2. Facilitates uniform drying of the painting.

  3. Ideal for impasto painting with acrylic colours.

  4. Light translucent gel.


  1. An acrylic painting medium that slows down the drying process for more time to create soft, on-canvas blending.

  2. Facilitate soft, on-surface blending of colours by increasing drying time.

  3. Ideal for wet-in-wet applications in portraits and nature studies.

  4. Doesn't alter the look and feel of the colours.
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