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ekalcraft Ergonomic Natural Wooden Dip Nib Holder

ekalcraft Ergonomic Natural Wooden Dip Nib Holder

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Ergonomic Natural Wooden Dip Nib Holder

  • Canvazo Ergonomic Natural Wooden Dip Pen Holder
  • Ergonomic are especially suited for use with Leonardt Nibs.
  • The comic pen nib holder is made of reliable wood material, non-toxic, can provide a comfortable grip, providing you with a good experience.
  • Lightweight design, very comfortable to hold, which is a gift suitable for dip pen beginner to use. Intimately adopts a concave design, which is convenient for you to hold the pen body better.
  • Easy to use and write beautifully, can be an English practicing writing, calligraphy, painting, drawing pen, different dip pen nibs, which can meet your different needs.
  • Ideal for cartoonists and artists, Ideal for lettering, calligraphy, poster making, cartooning, sketching, mapping, you can develop your skills and express your ideas through beautiful designs.
  • The pen handle wont take up too much space, providing many conveniences for you, put the pen in it when youre not using, and take out flexibly when you need some examples are: Shorthand, Principal, G, Copying, Flex Nibs, etc.

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