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Epoke EFX Epoxy Resin Kit 2:1 Ratio Fast Drying

Epoke EFX Epoxy Resin Kit 2:1 Ratio Fast Drying

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Epoke Art EFX Epoxy Resin Kit 2:1 Ratio

The features of EFX are :
1) Mixing Ratio : 2:1 by weight

2) Pot life of 15-20 minutes
3) Cure to the touch in 3hours (At 25 degrees celcius)
4) Honey like consistency
5) Perfect control over resin art patterns
6) Maintain perfect lines for Geode Art
7) Excellent retention of patterns
8) Easy to create cells and retain it
9) Recommended for pigmented coatings
10) Ready to re-coat or hang in 3 hours
11) Moderate Yellowing stability ( lower than Epoke Art Resin v2.0)
12) Always re-coat with EPOKE Art Resin v2.0 for a high gloss
13) heat resistant finish and to improve UV stability of your masterpiece
14) Not suitable for Casting and Petri dish artwork
15) Recommended only for applications below 4mm thickness
16) Product is made in India
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