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Jags Polymer Clay Kit

Jags Polymer Clay Kit

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1. Material: Clay, Comes In 2 Variants Pack Contains 12 and 24 Polymer Clay (Each 20 gm), 1 Clay Tool set, 1 key Chain & Assorted hooks, and Beads as Shown in the Image.

2. The baking temperature of clay should not exceed 200*C. only after heating and baking (110*C-115*C) it will produce a chemical reaction and become hard.

3. As long as the clay is put into the oven and baked slightly, it will produce hard and colorful pottery handicrafts.

4. This Clay will not react at room temperature and keep the original physical state.

5. This Soft Clay belongs to oily clay, which will not dry in the air, so you don't need to rush to finish the work.

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