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Camel Artists Acrylic Colour Tubes (Loose Colours) 40ml

Camel Artists Acrylic Colour Tubes (Loose Colours) 40ml

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  • The Camlin Artist Acrylic Colours are high quality multi-purpose, and multi-surface colours primarily used by students & art enthusiasts. Even toddlers can use these colours as they are non-toxic and non-harmful in nature, making them completely safe to use. They have a soft & creamy texture with a consistency somewhere between oil colours & watercolours. These colours have fast-drying properties, i.e., they dry within a few minutes of their application. The Camel Acrylic Tubes are well known for having an intense, shiny, & bright appearance. These colours are long-lasting and will look beautiful like new for years to come. We, at Canvazo, serve your colouring needs by providing high-quality & 100% authentic Camel Artists Acrylic Colour Tubes. It is available in varied sizes, assorted shades of colours with different pricing.
  • Drawing & Painting: The Camel Acrylic Tubes are best for creating highly impactful and beautiful finishing paintings. These can be either done on canvas or drawing paper for portfolio building or displayed in exhibitions.
  • Wood Home Decors: The Camlin acrylic paint tubes are used to decorate wood for placing at homes. Most people use these colours to make scenery, write texts, etc.
  • Fabric Designing: You can bring a new shine, appearance, and funky look to your old fabrics by designing and painting them with Camlin paints.
  • Faux Finishing: The camel acrylic tubes are used in decorative painting techniques to give a new texture to random objects at home by decorating them. Faux finishing decoration generally refers to the art of copying the texture of one object onto another.
  • It can be used directly from the tube, mixed with an acrylic medium, or with water
  • These paints stick well on surfaces like canvas, wood, and earthenware
  • A fast-drying, multi-purpose, multi-surface medium, which can accommodate most foreign textures
  • Bright, glossy, and long-lasting finish
  • Safe and non-toxic


1. Is Camlin acrylic tube colours waterproof?

Ans - The Camel Acrylic Tubes have a water-soluble colour.

2. What are the appropriate surfaces to use the Camel Acrylic Tubes on?

Ans - The Camel Acrylic Tubes are best suited for porous surfaces such as primed and unprimed canvas, drawing sheets, metals, wood, earthenware, etc.

3. How to use the Camlin acrylic paint tubes?

Ans - You can use the Camlin acrylic paint tubes by mixing them with water or acrylic mediums.

4. How much total time is consumed by the Camel Acrylic Colours to dry completely?

Ans - The Camel Brand Acrylic Colours are popular for having steady, fast-drying properties within a few minutes, depending on the layers. These colours are best used for spontaneous paintings.

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