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Jags UV Resistance Epoxy Tape 2Inch 5 Meter Long

Jags UV Resistance Epoxy Tape 2Inch 5 Meter Long

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UV Resin Tape 2Inch 5 Meter Long

  • Good material: UV seamless adhesive tape is made of PET film, self-adhesive, moderate viscosity, easy to stick and tear, reliable to use, it is an ideal product for different manual projects.
  • Easy to use: the epoxy tape can be cut into any size according to different needs. UV resin tape is self-adhesive, which can prevent resin leakage and fix the resin on the resin process of opening baffle.
  • Convenient and portable: the open baffle is easy to apply and remove, which helps you to make the epoxy resin surface smooth and compact, and can be put into the pocket or bag.
  • Wide range of uses: UV resin tape is suitable for epoxy resin UV resin crafts, resin pendants, hollow metal frame DIY and other resin wrapped crafts, and can also be used as ordinary tape to repair paper.
  • Size: 50 mm Wide, 5 Meter Long
  • Suitable for hollow metal frame DIY Metal Expoy UV resin crafts, charm bezel, gifts, DIY Pendant.



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